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Welcome. I'm Mark Crabtree and I've started this web site as a meeting place for all those interested in Cirkut and panoramic photography. We're just starting to get things together here. I've posted some of the photos for our first exhibition project, and more will be coming soon. I'll also be posting Cirkut related information on a regular basis..

I hope this site will be a valuable resource for information about Cirkut and other historic panoramic photography. The emphasis will be on historic photographers and images, but we'll be featuring some modern work too. I would also like to get some of the experts to provide in-depth information about the Cirkut and other panoramic cameras.

Your help is needed. We welcome information, articles, pictures and maybe even advice. We are currently developing an exhibition on The Haines Photo Company. Any information or images related to William Haines or the Haines Photo Company would be greatly appreciated. Contact me at: crabtree@cirkut.org

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