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Film for Cirkut Cameras

Film for Cirkut Cameras is easy to buy today. Twenty years ago Kodak required a special order of 100 rolls to get 10"x6' color film spooled for #10 Cirkut Camera. Today you can walk into nearly any Kodak dealer in the US and order even a single roll of Portra 160 (if you know the Cat#). I'd be surprised if this situation will continue for much longer. If you want the convenience of factory spooled film (or just want to build up a stock of spools and leaders) you should order now. Don't put this off. While 10"x6' Portra is a stock item and does not require a minimum order, it also does not appear in catalogs. The people I've spoken to at Kodak all say that because of this fact it is very unlikely that there will be any announcement or warning before this film is discontinued.

While factory spooled film will probably be gone very soon, bulk film should be available for a long, long time. I plan to be shooting with my 80-plus year old Cirkut Camera long after today's high end digital cameras are obsolete. I've started this page as a place for Cirkut photographers to share information about film sources. Please email crabtree@cirkut.org with any film (and paper) sources you know of. I'm also happy to help put people in touch with each other so that they can meet minimum order requirements.

Kodak Film

Here are the Kodak catalog ("Cat") numbers I know of for Cirkut film. If you know of others that are current, email them to crabtree@cirkut.org

Cecil Simpson orders 10"x6' Portra 160 NC with no minimum and generally has the absolute lowest price. He also puts together orders for 400 speed 10"x6'. While the retail price of the 400 is only a bit more than the 160, actual selling price is considerably higher because of a different discount structure.
Box 774
High Rolls NM, 88325

Fairborn Camera
They order both 160 and 400 for several full time Cirkut shooters and often have a small quantity in stock. A regular photo store with prices only very slightly higher than Cecil's.
Fairborn Ohio

Other Film Sources

Papers Sources

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